Monday, 9 March 2009

Sharing and being Volunteer

Together with my friends, I shared and been volunteer for children from an orphanage in Puncak Jawa Barat on Sunday March 8, 2009 for several hours. Sharing cheerfulness, happines, and fund. Photo can be see at

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

When 666 Talents = Rp 6.66 Quintillion = US $ 666 Million

When price of gold was about Rp 267,000.00 per gram I gave warning to my friends what would happen if price of gold would be Rp 292,397.66 per gram. Now price of gold is about Rp 310,000.00 per gram.

In my post before, I wrote that triple six was related to inheriting pof plentiful individual asset. And I believe it.

One talent of gold is about 34.2 kg so 666 talents of gold is 22,777.20 kg. And if price of gold per gram is Rp 292,397.66 so 666 talents of gold is Rp 6.66 quintillion. And if, at that time, Rp 10,000.00 will be 1 US $ so 666 talents of gold will be Rp 6.66 quintilliun and it will be same as US $ 666 million.

Will Jesus Christ execute triple six at this point? No one know. Lord come like thief.

Friday, 30 January 2009

My Story in Defying Triple Six

My book Herucakra Society Jalan Ketiga Ekonomi Dunia is scientific (secular) book. I does not relate this book with triple six. This book contains my grand theory about macroeconomics that I call as biosocioeconomics (bioeconomics). This theory defies inheriting of plentiful individual asset to children of the owner of this asset.

There are four non violence ways to make the dream of biosocioeconomics come true. These are (1) awareness of each person (2) presure that is done by religious institutions to their community (3) social norm or ethics (4) control of individual asset that is done by consummers society (page 73). No possitive law of country is needed.

These four ways is non violence ways that can be done by human. In my experience if these ways are failure, God will accomplish by dropping doom to the land. It does not mean that the end of the world or the end of the time. On my concern letter which I wrote to a parochial magazine (Nov21, 2003) I stated that if no change of God's plan, the end of the would will be happen next 1.000 years.

About May 2005, I knew that triple six is related to inheriting of plentiful individual asset. I knew from Holy Bible, book of 1 Kings 10:14. So in my paper that I proposed to a writing contest held by LP3ES and Damandiri Foundation, I wrote (in Indonesian language):"In the past, the implementation barrier of democracy of economy in new paradigm came from some priests. Any poor who was improving his household economy by commerce but did not get appreciation. Five talents multiplied become ten talents by trade (word for word meaning) was made a fuss, more over he was labeled as evil capitalist. In other side priests allowed 666 talents inherited to the children of the owner of these asset."

I wrote an article, stated that triple six related to inheriting 0f plentiful individual asset. This article was published by Tabloid Sabda January 2006 on page 17.

However my warning about triple six_stated that triple six would be destroyed by water, fire, earthquake, and sores (compare Rev 16:1-18)_was eliminated by editor of HIDUP magazine. My letter that I wrote May9, 2006 was published on June 4, 2006 without warning about triple six. As a note earthquake was happened on May 27, 2006 in Yogyakarta-Klaten.

By this happen I wrote a concern letter(in Indonesian language) to Christian Journalist all over the world via email. In this letter, I stated again that triple six was related to inheriting of plentiful asset. After that, earthquake was happen in Hawai US (October 2006) and than in Taiwan December 26, 2006. In this letter I also said that Taipei is one of several city would be beaten with blow.

Taiwan earthquake is one of several special earthquake since November 2003 when I wrote my first concern letter. These special earthquake are (1)Iran, December26, 2003 (2)Aceh December 26, 2004 (3)Nias Sumatra March28, 2005 (4)Yogya-Klaten May27, 2006 (5)Taiwan December26, 2006 and (6)Sichuan may 12, 2008. These are special earthquake because happen one day or two days after great day. Nias earthquake happen one day after Easter, Sichuan earthquake one day after Pentecostal day and Yogyakarta earthquake two days after Ascension of Jesus Christ.

Until now I believe that triple six is related to inheriting of plentiful asset and I think God has given warning by special earthquakes. These several earthquakes are like written on Holy Bible (compare Mt 24:7). Nonetheles I would like you not to hit people categorized as triple six by violence. Jesus Christ by Himself will execute triple six like as written in Holly Bible (Rev 19:21).

Monday, 26 January 2009

I Think God Choose Me

The peak miracle in my life happen on July 4, 2004 when I read my name hidden in a some one's dream. A citizen of Bantul (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia) dreamed that he met a Javanese princess who was regarded as a daughter of Pambayun-Ki Ageng Mangir (lived about 1570-1600AD). The name of that princess is RA Parjinah. I know the dream from a book: Bayang-bayang Ratu Adil (this title means The Shadow of King of Justice) written by Sindhunata. When I re-ordered the letters of this name I read as R. Hani Japar. Japar is my parents. That dream was published on local news papper about April 1993. However until 2002 (when I read my hidden name) no one else found me as R. Hani Japar. R or Raden is title of Javanese knight like R. Wijaya (about 1293 AD), R. Patah (1500 AD), R. Suteja/Jaka Tingkir (1540 AD), and R. Rangsang/Sultan Agung (1620 AD).

I think God choose me, like I read in Holy Bible, Rev 2:17 that say:"To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receive it"

By this spiritual experience with God, I would like to give a warning to all over the world. My task just give a warning not to execute. God by himself will execute people that makes Him angry. My task just on public prosperity on earth in one side of God's plan, not in a way to heaven. About the way to heaven is task of clergyman not me.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Congratulation To Mr President Obama

My congratulation to you Mr. President Obama. It is time to make change. A change into better world with peace and prosperity for all. I would like you to work together, not only with governments all over the world, but also with civil society all over the world. There is big challange. A change into better world will come true only by working together with civil society and God's mercy.

Hani Putranto

Sunday, 18 January 2009

About My Blog

Welcome to my blog. This blog is my own blog. In this blog you can find my true miracle story and my spiritual experience with God in one side i.e. public prosperity on earth. My true miracle story is like a story of King David but not same. In our culture (Javanese) some one like me is called as satrio piningit (hidden knight). A knight or king who has not been known by public.

Even though I have a right to be King of Mataram, I need no new state or kingdom called as Mataram. I am not Zealot. My Country now and forever is Republic of Indonesia as a modern democratic country based on Pancasila, based on law, that appreciates plurality and universal human rights.

In my private opinion and spiritual experience, God is not only the way to heaven but also the way to public prosperity on earth. So because I am not clergyman, the discussion or sharing in this blog is restricted in one side only i.e. public prosperity on earth. By the reason I call this blog as One Side.

In this blog you can also find my opinion about economy, financial crisis, and my grand theory about macroeconomics that I formulated i.e. biosocioeconomics (bioeconomics). This theory is scientific theory that any one can correct it if false. I hope you get valuable information from my blog.